Kaisa Kujanpää - Elisa Järvelä, viulu

Duo is formed by two stunning ladies, Elisa Järvelä and Kaisa Kujanpää with violin, piano and the accordion as their instruments. The vast talent at handling these instruments makes it possible for the duo to perform ambitious and entertaining shows where their cooperation is satisfying to both see and hear. Temperament, versatility and great virtuosity have become the duo’s signature traits.

Among other things their colorful repertoire consists of Argentinian tango, folk melodies and pop music. They have both received a classical education, but both still work with wide variety of musical genres.

Kaisa Kujanpää - Jonna Pirttijoki, harmonikka 

The newest Duo whose first concert was a huge success. When two tango specialists meet they end up having a concert full of tangos with new arrangements. 
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